September 20, 2003

Space preparation

Richard: "We have just returned from our motorcycle tour of the island. We are tired and windswept. We will eat dinner, sleep a couple of hours, and then take the camera on a tour of all our regular spots in town. We plan to get pics of all the barmen that we have met during our stay. Then it's more sleep before the Space marathon tomorrow."

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Richard: "Currently in Portinaxt having lunch. Hired some scooters for the day. They're a really cool way to explore the island."

I have this mental image of Richard riding a motorbike with Morne in a sidecar...

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The cost of Space

Richard: "We have bought our tickets for Space, 45 pounds each. Ouch!"

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Even Mora Bora

Richard: "We ended up at Bora-Bora again yesterday! We are not sure what it is that lures us there. Is it the awesome music? Is it the beautiful boys, the wonderful view or the amazing venue? Maybe it's... no... never mind."

I'm impressed. They already have a favourite haunt. Styling, 'biza boys!

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September 18, 2003

And on the 7th day...

Richard: "So now that's six days in a row of intense partying. Time to take a rest before Space on Sunday. Tomorrow we hire some scooters to tour the island."

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They can't remember what happened...

Richard: "Just arrived back from Amnesia... It was unforgettable! Back at the hotel now chilling with some champagne."

(I'm wondering if he meant to pun.)

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September 17, 2003

Assumption correct

Richard: "Gay nudist beach, complete with waiters serving drinks and a masseur. Mad dogs and Englishmen nowhere to be seen."

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I'm assuming he's at a beach

Richard: "Naked men, everywhere!"

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September 16, 2003


Richard: "Partying at Bora-bora. Great music, pumping, what a really cool party. *big grin* Taking photos!"

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The UN of holidays

Richard: "Enjoying a jug of sangria, checking out a sexy Russian boy, at a German beach cafe in Ibiza. How cosmopolitan!"

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September 14, 2003

Ibiza boys

Richard and Morne are having fun. Apparently (and I quote) "Spanish boys are yummy".

Well, duh!

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September 12, 2003


"Still light, and hot. Cute boy spotted at airport. On our way to the hotel. Amazing, every huge billboard seen is advertising a different party!"

Richard and Morne have just arrived in Ibiza. Colour me totally envious.

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