May 09, 2003

Al on holiday (part 7)

Al writes: "Well now boarding the flight back to the UK. 12 hours all during the day as we fly back in time."

Posted by rory at 06:05 AM

May 08, 2003

Al on holiday (part 6)

Al writes: "Well we just went out with a bang. Our last Thai dinner. Squid, King Prawns, muscles, crab, chicken Thai HOT curry. I'm going to explode."

Posted by rory at 01:12 PM

May 07, 2003

Al on holiday (part 5)

Al writes: Only 1 more day 2 go before we start heading home. I can't wait to get back. Thailand has been fun but not the best holiday. Can't wait to eat some western. food.

Posted by rory at 12:22 PM

May 06, 2003

Al on holiday (part 4)

I ask Al, "You still Thai'd up?"

He replies: "Hell yeah. Sitting down to a nice Thai meal at the moment. Yummy. Sun burnt so had to hide away today."

Posted by rory at 12:24 PM

May 02, 2003

Al on holiday (part 3)

'The beach from 'The Beach' was a bit of a disappointment but we'd been warned that they had jacked it up a bit for movie. Water was emerald green and i've never seen sand that white and fine. Spent the day speedboating around the Thai tropical islands. Snorkeling around the coral. Diving off the speedboat."

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May 01, 2003

Al on holiday (part 2)

"Well, just spent another day tanning by the pool. Lobster tan achieved. Ouch. Lol. Weather is still great. Bit overcast morning but cooked in afternoon. Tomorrow we go to the islands where the movie 'The Beach' was made and we get to swim in that lagoon."

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April 28, 2003

Al on holiday (part 1)

"I've died and gone to heaven. Lying by the pool. Struggling to focus due to g. It's hot and humid. Yeha."

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