January 15, 2006

More TV is never a bad thing

Africa's only pay-TV network, DStv could face competition for the first time this year if an application for a rival continent-wide station based in Botswana gets the go-ahead.

The venture, which would be called Black Entertainment Satellite Television or BEStv, would initially offer viewers between five and ten channels and cost less than R100 a month.

Andrew Jones, spokesperson for the venture, said once in place, the company planned to upgrade to a service that would offer viewers a sampling of between 100 and 300 new channels not available on DStv with no significant rate increase.

"How we will do it and what exactly we will offer remains of course a trade secret. However, we are 100 percent confident that what we want to do can be done," he said in statement.

It's that use of the word 'sampling', and the fact that I know what it takes to put one single channel on air, that makes me slightly suspicious of their claims of "between 100 and 300 new channels"...

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