October 24, 2005


Word of the Day for Monday October 24, 2005

loquacious \loh-KWAY-shuhs\, adjective:
1. Very talkative.
2. Full of excessive talk; wordy.

The meeting went on for hours, accommodating loquacious bores who were each allowed their say.
--Andrew Sullivan, "Gay Life, Gay Death," [1]The New Republic, December 17, 1990

In drawing a sharp contrast with the loquacious Ginsburg, her new lawyers appeared for just a few moments and said virtually nothing to reporters before retreating into the building.
--Peter Baker, "Lewinsky Replaces Ginsburg," [2]Washington
Post, June 3, 1998

Loquacious comes from Latin loquax, "talkative," from loqui, "to speak."


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