October 28, 2005

IRCsome Iranian

*** Mahmoud (mahmi@theboss.gov.ir) has joined #world
*** BabyServ sets mode: +o Mahmoud
<Mahmoud> Yo!
<Mahmoud> WIPE ISRAEL OFF THE MAP!!!111!!!!
<Ch1r4c>OMG d00d!?
<MaD-Diba> *sigh*
<SaebErekat>FFS n00b, you gonna ruin it for all of us!
<B0bMugabs> *mumble* bloody colonialist *grumble* Tony se ma se... *fume*
<Mahmoud>PSYCH! I was only kidding, FFS you fewls get so effing offended
by everything I say, n00bs!

Thanks, Devalicious.

  :::  a Wierd ritual performed at 12:20 PM   :::