September 07, 2005

Mailscanner Classified as "Dumb As Shit"

So. All those weird things I've posted are what I see in my work inbox all day long. Simply because the posters on the lists that I happen to be on, decide, every now and then, to use a naughty word.

What the fuck the point of this mailscanner is, god alone knows.

Is to to save bandwidth? Surely not - for the entire fucking message has to be downloaded by the work Exchange server before it can be scanned.

Is it to hide my fucking sensitive eyes from seeing the word? Again, surely not. After all, the mailscanner tells me about the blocked mail, and then very helpfully spells out the word and all its variations right at me...

And not once (let me repeat: not once) has it ever stopped a legitimate message. Never. Nada. Zero times. If just once I had seen it tell me that it had stopped an email from '', I would have felt that just maybe, MailScanner has a place in this world.

It does not.


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