June 13, 2005



Posted by rory at 06:00 PM

Warren arrives in the UK

[15:21:02] [Rory] How was the flight?
[15:21:24] [Warren] Flight was cramped (economy).. Got 'detained' at Heathrow for an hour for questioning.
[15:21:34] [Rory] ooooer.
[15:21:36] [Warren Bell] *sigh* because I obviously answered some question wrong.
[15:21:39] [Rory] yeah
[15:21:43] [Rory] and u look dodgy.
[15:21:50] [Rory] well, who wouldn't after 11 hours in economy.

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There is no situation involving us that, once considered, does not induce a small amount of panic.

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June 01, 2005

Typing with one hand

[15:53:57] [Guy] I have the coolest pic of gaydrian and I
[15:54:13] [Rory] send.
[15:55:33] [Guy] sent
[16:11:16] [Guy] you get?
[16:20:40] [Rory] yes.
[16:20:43] [Rory] can't talk.
[16:20:44] [Rory] masturbating.
[16:20:51] [Rory] c 26m 6yh fcymkx
[16:21:07] [Guy] god, you're terrible

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