May 27, 2005

Listen to me

I need a portable voice recorder. And here's why. There are serious, serious gems of literary wit that explode in my head, frequently when I'm nowhere near a PC. Pages and pages of elegantly constructed arguments, observations that would astound the great thinkers, metaphors beyond comparison, similes of divine scope, all lost because my short-term memory is big on the short and short on the memory.

I've actually got a voice record function on my phone, which I mainly use for recording conversations with people, and then playing them back at them when they least expect it. Of course, these recordings are limited to 90 seconds, and I find that most of what I have to say takes much, much longer than that. Those of you who have had the pleasure of Rory in person, will know this to be true.

I've tried one system, which I call 'social voice recording', which involves keeping lots of people around me at all times, each hanging on every word I say. This system has met with varying levels of success. It's quite easy to keep lots of people around me at all times ('horrified interest' seems to be the main drawcard), but getting them to hang on every word I say seems to be harder than I anticipated. Mainly because they insist on getting a word in, now and again.

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