April 11, 2005

When good sysadmins go bad

The following message comes from our local Jabber administrator. We currently have a fund set up for his shrink sessions.

Hey folks,

As usual, winter brings to the area of Randpark Ridge regular, lengthy power failures. Since we still haven't had the opportunity to sort out our big UPS and generator, we're all holding hands and scuffling along the carpets in nylon socks with the jabber server to keep it running.

This was going quite well until we started attracting baloons and housepets. All I can say is thank heavens I can touch type, and that I turned my head to the side at the last minute - I can hear the ocean.

Chances are our socks, or the carpets, or the SPCA's patience will wear out eventually. It is for this reason that, as I type this message, I have another window open with Charles 'Xhola' L., arranging for our server to take up residence on another machine in the IS hosting area in Roos-bonk.

He-man relied on the power of Greyskull; Unfortunately we're stuck with Eskom.

Have a great week.

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