February 18, 2004

Warren updates Jabber, again

Hello Possums, from the bustling metropolis of Bloemfontein...

We (as in the Royal We(ooweeeoooweee)) would like to apologise for the server downtime over the weekend.... We'd also like to apologise for the owner of a red Uno registration GHB108GP for what the royal Corgies did to your upholstery. They're terribly well trained, and no doubt decided it would be less offensive than soiling a public lawn. If you're dubious regarding this explanation, let me assure you my footprints are only present due to my selfless efforts to extract my larger Corgie, Champagne 'Poo-poo' Rimrock of Luciaan. Too late I fear... Though I'm sure you fear more.

Uhm.. Where was I? Kinda lost my train of thought. Right... Apologies for the downtime. I actually saw the server was down, though I just assumed the problem was infact being caused by some naught GPRS setting. Silly me. Err. Us.

Roooooooll over Champers! YES GOOD LAD!! Now SIT. Staaaaaaay.... Now clench boy, clench - that's a good poochie. *BOOM* Oh dear god CHAMPERS - talk to me boy.. NOOOOOOOOOOO WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY CRUEL UNIVERSE WHYYYYYYYY?!??!??!?!

Flatulent Corgies - More fun than Margaret Thatcher on crack.

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