February 08, 2004

Holy JIT

[14:28:53] *** Jabber@Obs is Offline
[14:27:22] Hey all..

Ok, so the Jabber ICQ Transport (or JIT) is due for an upgrade, from 1.1.0 to 1.6.0.... It's compiling as we speak, but please be aware that you will have to re-login to this transport for the same reason you need to buy a new horse when Ol' Stinky Jr. takes a dirtnap - you just can't rely on a dead horse for transport. It's bound to get you in trouble for being late. Maybe even fired. I know that's happened at least twice in my family's history, which is why I had to work in a plush penguin factory when I was just five to feed my lesbian nazi eskimo brother, Ft-nuknuk. Grandma always told dad to get a new horse, but NOOOOOO, he just kept on rindin' Ol' Stinky Senior. He was light on gas he said. Or rather, BIG on gas, but light on hay.

But, I digress.

Warren (wibble@jabber)

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