January 30, 2004

Random textage

All god does is watch us and kill us when we get boring. We must never, ever, get boring. Chuck Palahniuk
2004-01-12 20:15:31

Note to self. It is bad karma to send an MP3 to your deaf friends online.
2004-01-06 20:42:21

If you want to find Jesus, try to remember where you last saw him. But he's usually stuck down the side of the sofa.
2004-01-03 00:48:17

‘Most of the laugh tracks on TV were recorded in the early 50s. These days most of the people you hear laughing are dead’ – Chuck Palahniuk, Lullaby
2003-12-18 02:45:41

This club is filled with cheesy music and, more importantly, BEAutiful people. Allan is trying to get me drunk. Allan 1, me 0.
2003-12-13 23:40:44

No… please god, no. There is a cat on heat outside my bedroom window. *sob*
2003-11-13 01:45:39

Got this message from Gavin: “They start filming a Bel Ami movie here next week. They are looking for fluffers and stunt bottoms. Sounds like fun.” My response: “Stunt bottom? Welll what are u waiting for? Go show them what you can do with that spatula.”
2003-11-14 17:50:09

Signs that you should not be using your root account. You can’t even type the password because you are too fucked.
2003-11-30 07:26:25

Some people are so simple. The should be removed from the gene pool.
2003-12-12 22:50:42

Al (upon arriving in South Africa):
Fuck it’s hot.
2003-12-13 10:07:27

If bored and in doubt: eat chocolate.
2003-12-12 22:56:53

And there is a hottie of note sitting across from me. Serious squirt material.
2003-12-12 22:52:49

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