January 15, 2004

Late night TV, and coffee percs

I wonder: is this a TV ritual? Or a work ritual?

Both, I think. Good.

It's interesting working at a TV station, especially late at night. For example, there are people here all the time (the techs in the satellite-feed room next to us, for example, whom we briefly meet on nicotine runs to the outside). And, consequently, the building is always open.

Even in the nocturnal world of IT, there were at least some nights where the building was locked and the only activity inside was from cron jobs.

In addition, coffee seems to be eternal. What sweet, caffeinated bliss. I've never gone to the machine and found it empty: there's always a backup carafe (I've given up on those dinky little styrofoam cups. I brought my own uber-cup. Cuts down on trips back to the machine.)

Eye candy experience count this evening: 2.

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