December 04, 2003

Moyo, in Melrose Arch

Been meaning to mention Moyo for a while. Went there once. Apparently everyone else loves them.

They've replicated the African dining experience perfectly: right down to the crap service and non-English-speaking waiters.

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LOL!! It hasn't always been that bad but I have noticed that the service level is slipping as time goes by - not only in Moyo.. and I really don't know what the big fuss is about - in Melrose Arch alone there are far better places to go..

Posted by: Rob at December 5, 2003 06:28 AM

Ha Ha Rory! Well you obviously didn't sit downstairs, at the bottom of the last staircase, next to the giant rock - it has the whole Indiana Jones feel going for it... yeehaa *cracks whip* and come on.... just use a little Dale Carnegie magic on those waiters, and you'll get some awesome service....

Posted by: wayne e. lee at December 5, 2003 09:49 AM

Im from england, and when i visited Moyo's, i thought that it was actually very nice, and unique. The sofas on the bottom floors were very comfortable, and for me, a luxurious experience compared to what i am used to in english bars/restaurants. The drinks were well priced, and the staff polite (they agreed to get into a photo with me). By the way, i am trying to promote my new joke page on the internet (i made up all of the jokes myself, they are really funny!!!)
Peace out hommies

Posted by: niel at January 15, 2004 12:14 PM
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