November 06, 2003

Soggy Biscuit Showdown

or... "Why I wish I'd gone to a single-sex boarding school".

You know the drill—pantless pledges gathered around, each breathlessly racing to make sure he's not the last to spill seed, lest he be the sorry chump forced to wolf down the dreaded Soggy Biscuit. It's a time-tested bonding ceremony, but with so many options in the cracker aisle these days, how's a busy Pledge Master to choose the best starch for his hungry up-and-comers? Well look no further...

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I must have gone to the only single sex boarding school that wasn't having rampant gay sex at every opportunity.

I mean, with a name like that, what was a young gay boy to think?

Posted by: Robin Galloway-Lunn at November 11, 2003 10:40 AM
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