October 21, 2003

Textual musings

OK, a random clearing of textual moments from my phone. The names have been removed to protect the hilarious.

"This airport is amazing. I don't know where the hell I am, or where I am going but it looks stunning."

"My seat was right next to a beautiful girl. Unfortunately, I was so busy ogling her I sat in the wrong seat. And then it was too late to change. So no... smile."

"Confusing... Been lost as hell for hours.. Finally found hotel, and bought lemon coke.. All slightly different.. Very cool so far.. Sitting in a park eating grapes."

"I want sex and candy, but hold the candy.. And give me a side order of lubricant and foreplay to share."

"I just picked up free condoms in the Mustek bath rooms. They have stickers on them saying: 'Mecer: Experience IT the right way' =)"

"Last Wednesday I fell asleep from too much GBL. Ironically while watching a program on Discovery about tranquilizers, called 'In Pills We Trust'. ;-)"

"Hey, it's like being a woman and synching our periods. My druggie sense is tingling. *takes more*"

"The biggest problem with bulk is still having left over on Monday... and then not having any more circa Tuesday evening. Hey, you know what I mean."

"I haven't even pretended to sleep in the last 3 days. My mind is crossing over into the twilight zone but my body remains anchored in reality. The shipping containers 'neath my eyes (they sure as hell don't count as simply baggage anymore) are so weighted by weariness that I have found myself checking whether I was wearing glasses."

"Catching a train to Newcastle. The train is so full I have 2 choices: sit in the smoking sectiopn, or squeeze in next to someone. What does my choice have to say about the sad state of the human race? Cough."

"Almost captures the depths of my current immobility. This antihistamine has left me sneezing but as sleepy as a sloth on strike. Probably took a wide enough variety of herbs and supplements in the last hour to account for a small ecosystem."

"So where is Stefan now? Are they scared to show him douching? And why does my phone not have that word?"

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