September 25, 2003

Broken vision

Sigh. I broke my glasses last night. How, you may ask? By putting them down.

Of course, yes, they're those fabulous 'unbreakable' tungsten twisty-bendy style spectacles that are never meant to break. In fact, they're the most expensive 3 pieces of metal I've ever bought.

A small piece of one of them broke a while ago. It was an eventful incident, involving me, the ex, a door and some high velocities. I replaced the piece on the spectacles. I haven't replaced the ex.

But the lousy thing about fixing spectacles is that you have to then wear your contacts while you wait for them to be fixed. And contacts are nice for a few hours, but not for an entire day, especially working in front of a PC.

I'm only squinting slightly as I write this.

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Well, Rory, make the most of the situation and find some impressionable blind people who will elect you their glorious leader ;-)

Posted by: Brett at September 26, 2003 01:08 PM
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