July 03, 2003

Ode to MP3

Tweaked, played, rewound, made.
Processed, encoded, compressed, downloaded.
Bored, written, stored, smitten.
Better codec, download more tech.

Napster share, all is fair.
RIAA running, just a scare.
Network wide, lots to hide.
Who’s to say what’s really there?

Orrin Hatch met his match.
Creative debt, cast the net.
Legislate, that’s your fate.
Internet: what can I get?

Got a pipe. Believe the hype.
Download now. Download how?
Quicker see, look no fee.
Serve: allow, take a bow.

Don’t call Orrin, server’s foreign.
Hack my router, break my ‘puter
Logic bomb, no dot com.
Not a looter – wanna neuter?

Encode, (LAME), TagRename.
Play geek! SoulSeek.
Mac iTunes, Hilary ruins.
DMCA: what a cheek!

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