July 15, 2003

Ode to blogging

Eye’s a-gleam, feed the meme
Comment here, have no fear

Horse to flog? Write a blog.
Life mundane, I shall explain.
Surf my word, read absurd
One page main, the rest inane.

Attitude, what’s my mood?
Write for fun, sometimes lewd.
Don’t be crass, don’t be rude.
All brevity is eschewed.

Frailties held up to light
Complexes are a blight
Upon the literary night.
I do believe my pen has might.

Wit deluxe, bile reflux
Simple sex, complex fucks.
Ego checks, trend he bucks
Verbal quips, nips and tucks.

Vanity, sincerity
I do have temerity
No such lack of clarity
Except this rhyming parody.

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