July 22, 2003

Ever dance with the devil?

Ever sit at a dinner party, look around, and see couples? Couples that don’t include you? You’re there by yourself, entire in your singularity, asymptotic alone. Still you’re with friends. Friends, who have friends, and you're part of that. You’re involved in a hundred threesomes, and always as the third. You’re never the primary, nor the secondary, only the trinity. Yet only the one. Religious at best, no father, no son, and wholly a ghost. At most.

Look down at your plate, single serving. Cutlery arranged, in pairs. You’re the spoon at the top, not fork, not knife.

And you wonder. Will it ever happen? Will I relinquish the selfish, and embrace the other? Alone, not lonely, or at least you tell yourself. Yourself, always there, always honest. An intimacy of one. A relationship bar none.

A pair of hands, a pair of feet. No subtlety. Adam and Eve, two peas in a pod. A single stream of consciousness, both dialogue and commentary. You are the alternate soundtrack. You are the audience. You are the star.

An aria of reflection, contemplative indeed. Knowledge in-depth, incestuous faith. Trust in yourself. No other, no where, know that...

You are…


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Oh dear Rory... Well don't let them fool you for a second - we're lead to feel inferior because we're not half of a (happy) couple - but once you've fallen in **** (insert your own word) - it's a TRAP I tell you - and before you know it, you'll want OUT - particularly if you find yourself half of a sparring pair!!! Celebrate your singularity, and live life as free as a bird for as long as you can and however you wish!! :-D And don't go making other single people like us depressed...

Posted by: Greer at July 23, 2003 12:34 PM

Us single people are more flexible. Couples have to consult each other.

Posted by: Rory at July 23, 2003 05:50 PM
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