June 06, 2003

I hate hardware

Fixation error. Argh. Brand spanking new CD writer that refuses to burn above 8x speed. Buggery, buggery bollocks.

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The real bummer is that it burns at all. Leaving you in a real pickle. Do I break the pc back open and return it. Install the new one, possibly reload the software (If you get a different style in return). Close the pc back up and plug everything back in blindfolded because it's in your desk. Or just live with the 8X. You make the call! I think the real reason I read your site is the slang I get to catch every once in a while. For example buggery, buggery bollocks is great I love it. Now I can also refer women whom I don't have a high respect for a POE and they will look at me as if nothing were happening. Deep down inside I'll be dying laughing!

Posted by: Ryan at June 6, 2003 03:54 PM
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