June 02, 2003

Anthropersonification. Is that a word?

Recently, I tried out a disk defragmenter. It works really well, and it has a delightful entertainment function: it makes your hard drive sound like it’s trying to liquidise a metal fork.

Also, it has the capability to do boot time defragmentation. It has to do this, because that’s the only time that it can move some of your files, because Windows hasn’t grabbed them at that stage.

But at the end of the boot time defrag, when the final tine has been blended to a smooth, well, spoon, I guess, it displays a summary of how it’s moved stuff around, and then invites you to ‘Press ESC to reboot your computer.’

Pressing any other key results in ‘Press ESC to reboot your computer’ being irately reprinted at you.

As if by that stage, it matters. I’m somewhat surprised that it didn’t include an exclamation point on the second and subsequent user chastises.

Oh, and anthropomorphization might be a better choice.

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or rather, anthropomorphisation ;-/

Posted by: Lloyd at June 3, 2003 09:12 AM
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