May 12, 2003

You gotta go to the toilet NOW...

Or "why you shouldn't talk loud when people in reception can hear you."

I'm sitting at my desk, and Adrian comes running up to me.

"You gotta go to the toilet NOW!" he says.

I pause. A million unsavoury images scream past in my head. I burst out laughing, and ask "Is it because of a boy, or is it because of something you haven't flushed?"

"A boy," he replies.

At this point, we're talking pretty loudly. I should add that reception, and the toilets, is about 15 steps from where I sit, around 2 corners.

Off I go. As I step into reception, two things happen: (1) I see the boy, and he sees me, and looks at me with with a bemused expression on his face that kinda makes me realise that (2) I sit really close to reception.

At this point, subtlety and subterfuge now take center stage. I veer away from any direction of the toilets ("What? Me? Talking about you? The toilets? Nope! I'm going... um... upstairs. Yes, upstairs.") and go upstairs.

At which stage I then lingered around Thomas's desk, told him the story, and then swiped a Nando's menu from his desk in an attempt to 'look busy' as I walked back down into reception.

Oh, the boy rated a good decent 8.5 out of 10. Thanks, Princess Adrian!

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He might still be in craig's office..

synchronized mince to craig's office to go check?

Posted by: Adrian at May 12, 2003 02:40 PM
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