April 07, 2003

Rage, Hubris, and Regime Change

If the Bush administration’s foreign policy towards countries in the “axis of evil” is “either you become capitalist democracies or we will do it for you,” then for both ideological and material reasons, the leaders of those regimes have every incentive to do exactly what the United States doesn’t want them to do: develop a nuclear capacity.


By Ken Jowitt

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Its not about oil, its not really about regime change (interesting choice of language describing governmental change there), its about the lifespan of explosives and the public outcry of US citizens if the military simply disposed the billions of munitions they paid for. It's also gonna be hard for the US gov to track and destroy the 4 million mines they handed out. Do I need to even mention the us military supply complex influence?

Posted by: charlie at April 9, 2003 06:02 PM
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