March 04, 2003

An evening of text

In which I have, conveniently, omitted my replies.

1. Lee: Well done. Normally only a microwave can get it right. I had to ask Amy to help me dispose of a muirdered pigeon... my stomach is too weak.

2. Amy: Hehe I think the primary suspect hid the evidence in the only place I wouldn't dare to look. Will check for traces in a few days :-)

3. Warren: Eating dinner, listening to the resident Russian lounge act hammer it out in BAD englishnikov. My god they're bad. Bowel control must be tricky at that volume.

4. Lee: Not sure who committed the crime, awaiting the final report from the scene forensic team. Primary suspect is Bungi, as he's been seen singing to them and getting annoyed with them for not wanting to play.

5. Adrian: I am too much of a Fag. Watching fame on sabc 1 and loving it, also really digging the entire cowboy motif. Mmmm cowboys.

6. Adrian: i am all g'd up =) just loafing in front of the tele. Mmmm

7. Adrian: I really want to see kurt now. So how hot was he again... in inches?

8. Adrian: Where is his hot boyfriend? Don't tell me. I wanna watch it myself =) birds of prey has another really hot black guy. i'm forced to believe they are out there

9. Warren: A have 2 'free samples' but it's a non-smoking room with a smoke detector. Waiting for an opportunity :-]

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